Quality Dried Long Fibre

Biovision use unpressed EFB compared to other plants that can only use pressed EFB. Our plant is equipped with Waste Water Treatment Plant able to manage the huge amounts of effluent generated from the pressing of EFB. Use of unpressed EFB means that the EFB we receive is fresher as compared to pressed EFB that needs to go through another process in the palm oil mill.

The hot air for drying our long fibre is supplied by a blower sending atmospheric air through the heat exchanger heated by saturated steam from the steam receiver where the steam is collected from the turbine. The advantage of having our own boiler energy plant enables us to generate constant saturated steam with stable temperature which other fibre plants cannot achieve.


Length: 50mm – 150mm
Moisture Content: ≤15%
Oil Content: <2%
Impurities: <3%

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