Our Facilities

Biovision is a fully integrated Biomass Processing Plant in Segamat, Johor which treats and process Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) by utilizing zero waste management concepts to produce large quantities of high quality dried long fibres for export. The by-products from the processing are sludge palm oil and fly ash.

The plant consists of 4 sections, they are:

Fibre Production Plant

This facility has 20 production lines capable of processing quality dried long fibre and dried short fibre.

Oil Treatment Plant

Effluents generated from EFB pressing is channeled into this facility for recovery and treatment of sludge palm oil into treated oil and palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD).

Energy Plant

Two 2.5MW back pressure turbines and a 55tph boiler convert dried short fibre into 5MW of electricity to fuel the plant’s energy requirements.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

All waste water is treated with final discharge meeting Department of Environment (DOE) regulations. The treatment plant also comprises a digester tank which produced biogas which is used as supplementary fuel for the boiler.

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